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Security Operations Center

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Follow this tutorial to login and interact with our Security Operations Center


  • Contact Us to receive your username and password if you have not already


  • Click on +New Case

  • Give the case a name and description.

  • Now open the case by clicking the case name.

  • Click the Observables tab.

  • Click +Add Observable and make the Type = IP, Value =, and a Tag of “test”.

  • You only have to supply a tag or description, not both.

  • Now in the Observable List, click the IP address. A new tab will open with information about the observables and you should see your analyzers available at the bottom.

  • Click Run All

  • The analyzers should all now have a date and time for “Last Analysis”.

  • Go back to the Observables tab and refresh the page.

  • You should now see a list of tags under the observable. This is your enrichment and now gives you more actionable data to decide how to proceed.

  • Continue to explore. Don't be shy :)

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