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Software As A Service

Less overhead. More cost efficiency. Scale your security stack without compromising on cost.

Security Stack

Scale your security analytics without compromising on cost. Let OpenSecure manage the underlying hardware and upgrades, while you focus on threats.

  • Enrich your logs with security insights to identify and investigate threats

  • Your own SIEM, Security Operations Center, IOC database, and more

  • Consolidate security events across your environment with integrations for end points, firewalls, web proxies, IDS/IPS, dns servers, and much more

  • Detect threats by cross references incoming logs against public and private threat feeds and security rules

  • Alert on logs and log sequences indicating malicious activity with endpoints like Slack and PagerDuty

  • SSO and SAML


OpenSecure will assist with deployment of log collecting agents free of charge.


See signicant savings as no software license needs to be purchased.


As your company grows, OpenSecure scales with you. No need to purchase any additional software licenses.


Get your own Security Stack without the hassle of building and managing the 

underlying infrastructure. Discover for yourself with our FREE two week

proof of concept. Focus on alerts while OpenSecure                                        handles the rest.

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