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What Makes OpenSecure Different?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Open-Source, Open-Source, and Open-Source!


The Problem

Cyber attacks are only becoming more persistent and damaging as our businesses continue to rely on our computer networks. Perhaps even worse than hackers, are the absurd cost of security software.

These high price points make it difficult for organizations to keep their environments secure while leaving room in the budget for R&D, marketing, and profit generating expenditures.



What if we could combine the best of what Open-Source software has to offer to create a secure, robust, intelligent, and proactive cyber defense solution? Well that's exactly what we decided to do. Why spend hundreds of thousand on security software when there are free tools out there for use? Use that saved money to increase R&D, hire better talent, or reach out to more potential customers. All with the peace of mind of a secure and certified (ISO, GDPR, SOC, etc.) environment.


Startup, Mid-Size, Enterprise

We know that every company is unique and the "size" of the organization does not reflect complexity, potential growth, customer demands, etc. that you face every day. We believe we have picked out tools that will meet your company's needs and have the ability to grow, bend, and twist as your company matures or you get that one pesky customer.



Whether you host your own infrastructure or are hosted in the cloud, our services and tools can be deployed to best fit your environments.

  • Deploy one or all of our recommended Open-Source tools

  • Customize an already deployed Open-Source tool to best fit your environment

  • Upgrade any deployed Open-Source tools

  • Employee training on any of our supported Open-Source tools

  • Discuss how terrible our respective sports teams are (free of charge)

We would love to discuss further.

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